$290 Million and Growing for Powerball

After nobody received the winning numbers last night Powerball is now set at $290 million. Run through multiple states this gives the lottery the ability to rise high and quickly.

While the odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 175.2 million, the odds of winning $1 million are significantly better at 1 in 5.1 million. If this still seems high, that’s because it is. For one lucky person in Connecticut the odds were in their favor and went home $1 million richer.

Pocketing any kind of money through this game can be beneficial in these rough times. The last winner, Gloria Mackenzie, of Florida won a sum of $370.8 million after taxes. That kind of money will make real a great deal of dreams and aspirations. Hope springs eternal.

The size of the jackpot can entice people to attempt playing irresponsibly. Lottery officials attempt to educate players as to the nature of the game and encourage those suffering what may be described as gambling addiction to seek help.

The next Powerball drawing is scheduled for this Saturday, August 3rd. If no winner occurs, the amount will go up yet again. More will certainly be playing.

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