London does not rule out a Brexit without agreement

The UK will more actively prepare to leave the European Union without a prior separation agreement, Brexit Minister Steve Barclay said on Tuesday after a meeting of the Cabinet of the Government May.

“The government’s priority is to reach an agreement, but we must recognize that with 14 weeks in front of us, a responsible government must be prepared for the possibility of us leaving [the EU] without an agreement,” he said. he says.

Documentation will be put online to help businesses prepare, and e-mails will be sent to those who are more likely to be affected by Brexit. There would be about 80,000.

“We have now reached the stage where we need to speed up preparations. This means we are going to implement the remaining elements of our plans for a Brexit without agreement, “commented Premier Theresa May’s spokeswoman.

The UK’s exit from the EU is scheduled to take place on March 29, two years after the May government formally began the procedures to achieve this. The possibility that divorce will occur without agreement becomes more and more plausible as the deadline approaches.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced Monday that Parliament will be asked to vote on the agreement it has negotiated with the EU in the week of January 14, a month later than expected origin.

Originally scheduled last week, this vote was postponed at the last minute, when Ms. May found that she just did not have the votes to get it passed. She then went to Brussels to get some flexibility, but to no avail.

Ms. May’s problem is that too many Conservative MPs, whom she leads, disagree with the terms of the negotiated agreement. They believe that the United Kingdom would leave too much of its sovereignty to preserve its retention within the European Customs Union.

The Conservative leader is so contested that she even had to face last week a motion of no confidence from her own colleagues. She finally won the poll , but more than a third of MPs still voted to show her the way out.

The beleaguered business community
British Chambers warned on Tuesday that economic growth and business investment in 2019 is likely to be lower than previously forecast due to continued uncertainty over Brexit.

“The lack of certainty about the UK’s future relationship with the EU has led many companies to press the pause button of their growth plans,” said the organization’s chief executive, Adam Marshall.

With just over 100 days left of the UK’s exit from the EU and the continuing uncertainty, companies must take action, delay or implement their hiring and investment plans and, in some cases, relocate their operations to protect their supply chains.

Adam Marshall, Managing Director, British Chambers of Commerce

Some companies started stockpiling parts and goods in anticipation of trade problems after Brexit, but others, particularly the smaller ones, have not really prepared to cushion the expected economic shock in case of Brexit without agreement.

Large companies and professional organizations have already pointed out that uncertainty is already holding back investments and leading to unnecessary spending.

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