The Trump Foundation, sued in court, accepts its dissolution

Donald Trump’s foundation, which was sued in June by New York State Attorney General, has agreed to be dissolved, the prosecutor said Tuesday.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has agreed to its dissolution in the wake of lawsuits filed in June for fraudulent use of funds, said Tuesday the Attorney General of New York State, the Democrat Barbara Underwood.

She specified that the funds of the foundation would be distributed, under the control of its services, to charitable organizations.

This agreement must now be approved by a judge of the State of New York.

Six months ago, Barbara Underwood sued Donald Trump, three of her children and the foundation, claiming that the president had used the foundation illegally as a “checkbook”, including for his 2016 campaign.

Barbara Underwood, who had appealed to the New York Supreme Court, asked that the foundation be dissolved. She demanded that a ban prevent Donald Trump and his children from being a director of a non-profit organization in New York State.

Donald Trump then denounced “a ridiculous affair” engineered by “sordid New York Democrats”.

According to Barbara Underwood, a 21-month investigation by her predecessor Eric Schneiderman uncovered a “vast, illegal political coordination” between the Trump Foundation and the Trump campaign team in 2016, as well as repeated “repeated transactions” For the benefit of Donald Trump’s personal and professional interests.

“Mr. Trump led the foundation according to his whims rather than according to the law,” the complaint complained.

President Trump announced, even before taking office in December 2016, his intention to dissolve his foundation to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest. Targeted by court proceedings, the foundation was ordered – by the Attorney General of the State of New York at the time – to stop collecting donations.

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